Ellen ThweatT

She's taking indie music to an even deeper level



Ellen's poetic and lyrical music express raw emotion to her listeners. 
Her hope is for her music to say, "No is alone in their journey in life."

Originally from Southern California, Ellen moved to Nashville Tennessee in order to study and pursue her love for music. Ellen studies Vocal Performance/Commercial Music as a university student in Nashville,TN. She has performed backup vocals for Carrie Underwood on the 2014 CMA Awards and for Sara Evans on the 2014 CMA Christmas Show. She also has been presented as a New and Notable Artist on NoiseTrade and is in the top 10 artists for ReverbNation artists in Franklin, TN. 


Ellen began taking singing lessons and performing “Amazing Grace” at memorials when she was seven years old. She learned to play guitar, banjo, and trombone going up and in high school. At age 16, she started her own business teaching music lessons for children. Ellen continues pursuing her own music teaching business as well as enjoying her singing and songwriting career. 


Ellen released her first EP “Halfway in the Clouds” last summer with Nick Schwarz Productions. Her single “Your Cinderella” released last fall, features a nostalgic new music video now playing on her website and YouTube. She and Taylor Cardiff also co-wrote the hit song "Somebody That I'm Not" in her duo "ForKim".